Samsung Way Project

The Samsung Way project was launched three months ago, with the aim of inspiring and driving students to climb the ladder of success one step at a time.

We used Samsung as a prime example of how those at the bottom are more than capable of turning their fortunes around and going from rags to riches.

We encourage students to use Samsung as a motivational example to inspire their lives and inject determination into them so that they can be successful in the future.

In order to accomplish this, we encourage students to use three key core competence, which are:

1. Technology and innovation

2. Speed

3. Synergy


Guest speaker Mr Aziz Khan

Mr Aziz Khan at Sir Ellis Kadoorie School
Mr Aziz Khan at Sir Ellis Kadoorie School

Mr Aziz Khan visited Sir Ellis Kadoorie School on July 6 as a guest speaker and spoke about how the Samsung Way project allowed him to not only follow his sporting dreams, but also his aspirations of becoming a professional accountant with a City University of Hong Kong degree.

Aziz was a former top three Hong Kong junior tennis player before blitzing his way into the top 10 men’s rankings through hard work, grit, determination and a never-give-up attitude.

Moreover, Aziz let his dreams run wild and pursued his goal of becoming a licensed tennis coach. With his plans laid out, Aziz pushed forth and became an ATPCA-accredited tennis coach.

Using his tennis credentials to his advantage, Aziz obtained numerous scholarships to represent City University of Hong Kong and Kowloon Cricket Club as a tennis player. By having faith in himself as a tennis player and as an individual, Aziz started racking up a number of awards, such as Player of the Year and the Most Valuable Player (MVP).

The students at Sir Ellis Kadoorie School listen to Mr Aziz Khan’s speech

More success was to follow as Aziz won everything at university tennis level in Hong Kong and he even finished in the top five doubles university teams (professional category) at the 2013 All China University Games. In addition to this, he was the runner-up at this year’s Hong Kong Nationals Open (Mixed Doubles Competition)  and reached the CRC Mens Doubles semi-finals. Furthermore, he was also a International Tennis Futures (ITF Futures) doubles quarter-finalist this year.

Aziz’s success goes beyond the tennis court as he recently graduated with a BBA accounting degree from City University of Hong Kong. He is also a holder of the HKSI/SFC Type 1, 4 and 8 License to advise and consult on securities.

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