Public Speaking & Evaluation

pt2015_07_12_23_19_06A great leader is actually an excellent salesperson.

As being a leader, communication skill is a must for dissemination of complicated business ideas. Unlike casual chitchat with friends, formal public speaking is needed which involves couples of strategies and skill sets.

Tonight our speaker who is the champion of toastmaster contests shall come and talk to us about public speaking.

Speaker: Kitty Wong

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World Vision & Happiness

What is the prerequisite of being the world-class leader? And would I be happy if being the great leader after earning lots of money?

Sometimes you would just halt and keep hesitating if heading to the correct directions in the middle of your life. What is the value of life?

Tonight our speakers would tell us about what exactly world vision should be and how our life can be happier with these.

As usual, meet up at 7pm in Office of Hong Kong Rehabilitation Power

Speakers: Sindy Leung, Krizto Chan

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Passion and Wealth

People keep questioning if “passion” and “wealth” is positively related – “usually people would quit their high paid job for the job they have been dreaming of which is less paid”.

But is that the truth? Can’t we go for both in career life?

Let our speakers talk about this to you tonight at 7pm in Office of Hong Kong Rehabilitation Power.

Speakers: Khasman Khan

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